Get full-service image, text, and video moderation using both AI and human workforces.

Posmoni description

Posmoni or Post Monitoring is a full content moderation service that covers all of your content moderation needs such as images, text, and video. It using both AI and Human (human in the loop) to make fast and correct decision in a fraction of the prices.

We are supporting three main languages: English, Japanese, and Thai and with additional security layers such as privacy regulations need, we provide data pseudonymization likes blur all the people faces so your user personal data is safe while your platform is clean. We also can keep secret as we are certified with ISO27001:2013.

Moreover, if your tasks are not suitable with standard criteria, we can also customize it for you and provide you with detailed report of accuracy between human and AI so as you keep paying for a service fee, you will be saved more money in the long run once we can cover most cases with AI.

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