Keeping Your Brand in Good Standing Has Never Been Easier



Image Moderation

Images are a great way to enhance your brand, and asking your customers or social media fans to share theirs seems like a great idea. That is until an improper image is uploaded. Now the clock is ticking. How long will this image be associated with your brand? The longer it is there, the worse off for your brand. So why not use an image moderation solution? One that’s there for you 24/7 so you can rest easily.

Word Moderation

It’s great when users comment on your blogs or social media; well, not always. User generated content must meet your standards. We use a sophisticated filtering system and highly trained real people. We moderate in these languages: English, Japanese, and Thai.

Video Moderation

User generated videos can also be valuable to brands. They have the possibility of going viral and giving your brand a boost. But that’s only if they are within your standards. We can fully vet videos as well, safeguarding the integrity of your brand.

Custom Solutions

Need some assistance with other data? We can do that, too. We have the ability to classify, extract and transform data quickly and easily. We can translate it into your preferred formats. This lets you identify insights and opportunities. You can learn more about our custom solutions by contacting us.